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Beat the Heat!

Snackers, how long is too long? Your girl is in heat, so this week I wanted to bring the topic back to patience! Because baby it is truly a virtue...let us talk about it!

As we fight through the first month of 2021 and rebuke all temptation it gets difficult not to call that ONE! That one you know is about to get you off and get you right! It always seems that when we are focused we want what we cannot have, THE MOST! For those of you that may be as sexual as I am it is hard not to let a physical touch fool us. Lust screams at you! Though sex and all its wonders feel amazing, it is more important than ever to achieve goals and maintain staying a few steps ahead.

While self-discipline is key in these moments, so are the laughs shared with friends who are also in heat. They feel my pain! So one day me and the homegirl go to the sex shop, knowing damn well we had no business in there getting ourselves worked up. New toys are always fun, so we decided to play with a few. Tasted some new lubricants, etc. The woman in the store helping us tells us to try the infamous pink Pussy Pill. I was like mmmm I am good. Y’all know me, I am all about my natural shit.

Let me just say homegirl in there working deserves a raise because she sold that damn pill! She was like “when me and my man…”, “when I drink a little and pop this pill…”, giving us all the details. I definitely had a change of heart. I was sold! Already plotting to use the pill the next dick appointment. New experiences ahead, it is on! My friend that was with me has tried the Pink Pussy pill before. She swore my shit was going to be in her words “falling off the bone” tender!!! Wet and ready to go!

For those of you that do not know, the pill is supposed to enhance everything your vagina already has naturally going on during arousal. I have this blog and I am all about trying new things in the bedroom, so why not? Homegirl in the store tells us there is a pill that is better! Now we are really intrigued! She tells us it is called The Kangaroo pill. In my head I was thinking that one sounded dangerous. Last thing I need coming out of my moment in heat is for my shit to be jumping! The pills do not last one night, they last up to 72hours. So, ladies if you are thinking about trying it, have your partner readily available to fulfill ALL OF YOUR NEEDS!

After our sex shop shenanigans, we are finally at the register ready to pay. Each of us had a Pink Pussy and Kangaroo pill in hand, as well as a new dildo. The dildo was for someone who needed a favor. I lead an interesting life if you all have not caught on by now…! We get in the car and we are both plotting, trying to figure out who our next victim will be with these pills. Acting like a couple virgins trying dick for the first time!!! It has been a minute for both of us, again I am in heat. So, you understand the excitement.

Then I had to bring myself back to reality and said, “Laniese you can wait, I believe in you”. So your girl has behaved. I have not tried either pill. But WHEN I DO it is on and poppin like popcorn all night! I have heard that for some women, the Pink Pussy pill did not work. I will be the judge of that and definitely update you all. The Kangaroo shit seems to be another story, so that will have to be another story Snackers! Stay tuned and pray for me while I am in heat. I hope you all are focused, dialed in and tunnel vision is in place. I love you all and stay safe!

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