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Intimacy at its Finest

SNACKERS! It has been far too long…Your girl has been gone for an entire year and the time has come to make an appearance. 2023 is underway and we are talking all things deep not just dick.

Let me give you a quick recap on the last year of my growth. I had to get it together one time for the one time to boost myself going into 2023. This year is the year of all things intentional. I took a much-needed break and was able to achieve quite the list. Your girl worked on her credit score, got a new car, traveled to Europe alone, and most importantly started enforcing boundaries. The self-growth has been real! It is giving black girl magic this year. PERIOD. With that said, let us dive into it!

“Snack on This” at 30 looks a little different. As much as I would love a good seven inches (husband-size dick) deep in this divine canal of mine consistently, the universe has spoken and said, “not right now sis”. Those of you that have been here from the beginning know your girl has had some great dick over the years and has had quite the experiences. I have enjoyed every minute of exploring my body as a young woman I must say. Now, as I step into true womanhood, one thing that has been missing and has become a priority above all is INTIMACY.

It is crucial to build healthy relationships, as well as maintain them. Intimacy is the foundation that fuels trust, allows vulnerability, most importantly creates a safe space while stabilizing a healthy line of communication. I have learned that more and more. Not only with potential partners but within friendships as well.

Even family will test you and make you realize that intimate relationships are necessary more than ever, especially after all we have been through in recent years. As a species, we need intimacy to create genuine relationships in all forms. It is the fertilizer that facilitates growth. It is the maintenance within the process of building that facilities chemistry, connection, and understanding.


As intimacy has become more of a conscious effort of mine, I have realized very quickly how people will get placed into your life to show you some shit. Or even removed by a natural course of events whether that be friends, potential partners, etc. If intimacy is not the name of the game, you must go! Your girl is in a bit of a pickle these days, I have been dating and laying off the dick, behaving if you will...

It is very important to respect my body and the person I am sharing it with, not only physically but emotionally. When I tell you I met intimacy at its finest, literally. God said, “though you are hungry and yearning in your current situation, let me show you how easy it is to be intimate with a being touched by me”.

Intimacy at its finest is showing out and has shown me what intimacy looks like in a matter of months versus the years I have spent translating my love language to others. The universe works in mysterious ways to show you all things are possible. It is then up to us to take advantage of the fruits that have been provided and let me just say this new fruit I have discovered is sweet, exotic, complex, and something I want to taste more of. I had to pray over this one and ask God to provide me with the necessary tools to come correct. Intimacy is not one to be played with. In Jesus name, amen.

On that note...SNACKERS, to be continued!

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