• Laniese Wallace

Jingle balls, Jingle all the way!

Have you ever been with someone who liked their balls jingled? Jingled all the way, literally! Let me explain Snackers!

He was 6’9 and too fine. Unlike 6’5 in my “Unclassified and Unsatisfied” story, this one was packing. Santa baby had all the gifts under the tree! Homeboy was so big; every inch was reaching that G spot in every position. He never came over and disappointed. This one was nasty but had his rules if you will. Some men like very specific things when it comes to their nut and how that is accomplished. For some, it is that one bomb ass position. For others it is a certain touch that does the trick. The list goes on.

One specific day he came over to give it to your girl before work. Me and him had dabbled before, so I knew what to expect. But he had pulled out some new shit this specific incident! He got to the house and it was on. Clothes off in no time, because of course I was trying to get it in with little time. Like I said this was before work. I had a good power hour to make some shit happen. It was cold outside, maybe twenty degrees. So I was down for his tall warm body to be on me.

Anyway, let me skip to the good stuff! He was on top and was busting a sweat. Putting in work, making the most of the hour we had. He was about to be on my wish list permanently. Santa had sent one of his helpers to help alright! He was deep inside and it was feeling just right. His dick was huge, lets be real! It was deep inside with two inches to spare at the base of it! I felt like I needed superpowers to take every bit of it. This appointment before work was all the stress relief I needed!

We switched positions and switched some more. I was riding his 6’9 self with his ten inches inside going crazy. He was approaching that struggle to hold it together. That I cannot nut before you struggle! He was trying to make sure after all the work he was putting in that it was not in vain. Through the whirlwind of pheromones, sweat and the stroke it was over for me! Next thing I know, my hand and his balls meet. I had a handful of balls! He whispers, “play with them”. I know some tricks when it comes to the dick. But this was new. I had fondled some balls a time or two. But not until my arm got tired, shit!

He was not one to nut quick. I was like my hand getting restless now, SHIT! He wanted me to jingle his balls and jingle them all the way to the end of the damn song if you catch my drift! I had never met a male specimen that not only wanted but needed his balls jingled to nut. That was the catch for me. I was like oh, you are serious! It was a jingle my balls and don’t let go kind of vibe. Luckily, I had got mine and was very much so satisfied with the result. I swear at least five minutes or longer had gone by and I was still jingling balls and then some! I stuck it out because I am a thug like that. But damn!

He was happy about it. I know the look on my face was telling him you are welcome, because I was thinking never again. But of course the next time we had fucked, my dumb ass was jingling balls all over again until the end! I had finally gathered that was what he liked. I figured in exchange for his fine ass 6’9 self I could jingle some balls. Even outside of the holidays! If the gift keeps on giving, so will I. Women can be hard to please for various reasons in the bedroom, but men need theirs too. So baby if he come correct, do what you go to do!!!

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