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Squirt! (No Soda)

Have you ever squirted? If so, do you remember the first time? It was weird right? Felt awkward, like something you should not be doing in the bedroom. Confusion to say the least, quite the mess if you ask me! But child, a mess worth making when they hit that spot. Now fellas, in my experience I have yet to meet someone that did not like the squirting. It seems as though it is the ultimate achievement. I know it is for me shit. If you made me squirt, you definitely put in work! Okay!

Let us dive in shall we! So, if y’all got a chance to read my last story “The Dick That Haunts Me” the particular gentleman I was referring to in that story, I mentioned he would be back. Well, that time is now! Believe me when I tell you he turned miss thang out for the better and forever! After my first few experiences with this man, I knew immediately there was no going back to any dick that was whack! He was the bee’s knees and everything in between. Premium, top shelf, whatever you want to call it I needed it.

The first time we ever had sex I knew I was in trouble. Second time came around, he showed up and showed the fuck out! He had my body stimulated in so many places at the same time, I almost lost my mind. He took “taking it” to an entirely new level honey! My body was going through so many levels of pleasure. Orgasm after orgasm, I was stressed! He was rubbing one spot, licking the other and still managed to stay inside. Now that is a real one! He knew exactly what he was doing, and I was ALL FOR IT!

Euphoria, is where I was. Laying in a bed of flowers just enjoying my little self. The fact that she was sensitive did not matter to him. At the time, I did not quite realize his magnificent tongue and his fingertips were leading to one of the most glorious experiences I had ever had. A.k.a., the greatest release of my life that night. He had gotten me to the point of no return, and I was unsure of what I was feeling. He had turned on the faucet and did not plan to shut it off. His face was wet and glistening from all the juices. Yeah I said it! All the juices!!! He had me squirting so far I just knew I had hit the tv. It was my first time. If I recall correctly, he might have even gotten some in his eye.

He could care less. He dived in so deep his ass needed some windshield wipers to keep going at this point. He was nasty, he was ambitious that is for sure! He was doing everything I like and then some. When he finished, I was beyond satisfied. Satisfied does not even scratch the surface, I was a changed woman. He did that! It was no fluke either. Every time after this night he did me the exact same. JUST RIGHT! There was no going back to anything that did not exceed my expectations after this man. Men that eat the pussy with their entire face, bless them! They get the job done and need an A+. Squirting is liberating, it is just another reminder of how magical vaginas can be! Yes it is a mess, but you will be fine trust me. Just change the damn sheets!!!

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