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Watch That Drip (Inspired by anonymous Snacker!)

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Do you ever leave a situation asking yourself if it was worth it? Now that we have entered the season of thanks and giving, remember that giving in abundance has its pros and cons. These days, counting our blessings seems to be rather common. However, some of those blessings come as quite the surprise.

We have all had our moments with that one person. That quickie we can count on, that drunken dial and you know they will answer. Well, in this case, a few moments of passion backfired. Let me tell you why!

It was a typical night out, drinks left and right, looking good and getting some was the motive. I call this chapter in my life, drunk. So many blurry nights and entirely too many slurred words. As this particular night slowed down, one thing was on my mind “who can I call”. Yup, homegirl with a four letter name I won’t expose. Me and her had messed around before, I thought why not. The night was still young, and the liquor had me on one. I needed to get my nut and get home. A quick in and out was the goal, it was the perfect set up.

Now I know this all sounds a little ruthless, but hey honesty is key, and I was only there to hit it and quit it. My outfit was right, but my accessories really took the fit over the edge. The new watch on my wrist was shiny and grabbing all of the attention. Anyone that knows me, knows I love a nice watch. Anyway, I get to her house, immediately it’s on and poppin! We knew what time it was.

We had some raw, drunk, nasty sex. It was great, I can’t lie. Was my intention to go back for seconds? Not necessarily, but I found myself in a situation where I felt I had no choice. When I left that night I noticed my watch was missing. Days later I see homegirl wearing my watch on social media. I said oh HELL NO, I had to take action! After plotting in my head for some days, the light bulb went off. I had to go lay some dick down to get my shit back.

I know some of you are thinking you couldn’t ask. That answer is no. Y'all know how it is when you give some good dick! There was an attachment to that watch, options were limited. Again, this was the year I call drunk. The foolishness was something serious. So, I hit homegirl up and ask if I can come over. She allows me to do so, and we get straight to it. Yet again, here we are having raw, drunk, nasty sex. Except round two I put her to sleep! The joke was not going to be on me twice.

I grabbed my watch with the quickness and left. I performed damn good; I knew for sure I was relieved of all stress and had most definitely relieved all stress. Boy was I wrong, the joke was on me twice for THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! Yup, she was pregnant following that night. Who knew the watch I was trying to retrieve would lead to my daughter being conceived! Wrap it up folks!

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