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Who is the blogger?

My name is Laniese Wallace. I like my wine around 5:00 and my vodka with a splash of water and lime! I have a vivid imagination with a passion, so here we are. While obtaining my degree in communication, it was then, that I fell in love with writing. Words are my favorite pastime, and you can always count on me for a great story. Thorough is my middle name, we do not leave out the details over here honey! “Snack on This” was created after a single thought one day. I love food, telling a great story, and never skimming on the details so I said why not start a blog and share? My goal is to share entertaining stories with you all and provide a platform where we can openly talk about sex, with no judgment. Sex is intimate, fun, should be safe, and not scary to talk about. Let's break through this taboo! 

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