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A Bloody Night Gone Right! (Recently Deleted)

When fright turns into to sex all night. Now you guys, I am not a fan of sex during that time of the month. But when that premium dick is in town and you have to make some shit shake, hey! Do what you have to do. Most women say they are the horniest when aunt flow arrives. I typically am not, so the course of events this night, definitely took me by surprise!!!

Let me give some background really quick. This man was a white male, VP, handsome, charming and knew EXACTLY what he was doing. I enjoy older men from time to time, for those of you that did not know. Sometimes you just need an experience with someone real grown. A man that does not care about an airbrushed body, but he embraces every flaw and loves every inch of them. Some millennial men need to get on board, just saying! So anyway, this particular night was not me and this mans first time. But boy did he shock me! My, oh my! He was staying in a nice hotel, come to find out later his boss was his neighbor. They were right next to each other as far as their rooms. His boss for sure heard the entire soundtrack that night.

Now that is out of the way. Let us get to the good shit! I arrive and valet my car under his room number. He greets me at the door with a kiss and invites me in. I tell him immediately mother nature is running its course. The chemistry was crazy between him and I. Before things got too far, I wanted to warn him ahead of time. Again, this man is grown and much older than me. He did not care one bit about the little things. I tried so hard to act right, but I was like fuck this period. I got one night. He is taking me to familiar places with his lips on my neck, already a problem. He proceeds to taking my pants off, thong and all. I had a tampon in. So I am like, awkward.... Now let me be clear I was not bleeding all over the place. Enough to make a mess. Pretty much, aunt flows trip was wrapping up. I was unsure what to expect. Ladies, you know how that goes. It could be great or a disaster! He did not care either way, he was very much so unbothered and ready to make me holler! Back to the physical activity, he takes everything off. Looks in between my legs and says and I quote “do you want me to take it out, or do you want to”. I said, “well, you are already down there”. He politely pulled the string slowly and walked to the bathroom to flush my damn tampon. He said, period? What period?.

Obviously, I am a little freaky. I was turned on. I think most of us women would have been, especially in this particular situation. He came back and wasted no time. Most men act like a period is so unnatural. He went in deep; I was already super wet. So there was absolutely no need to prime her up. He was fucking me like no tomorrow, every position you could think of and he still ate a full meal. Yup, he was nasty. Just the way I like it. He made sure I got mine that night. Sheets fucked up by now. He said, “I will cover the bill if they send one”. I was wet all over again, this man had me on a high. I was not expecting all of that. After round one, I was like we have to run that back! This man had me hooked. Cracked out after he turned me out. I was not a fan of sex during that time of the month before but bet your bottom dollar my ass is now. I push all limits, so ladies and gents if you did not know, now you know! I was missing out and to those of you that are about that life. Now I see why!!!

” Having sex on your period is completely safe. If you are unsure of your partners status wear a condom to prevent sharing any blood transmitting infection or disease. Such as, HIV, STI’s, etc.” (Health Magazine, Korine Miller, August 21, 2020). Your cervix is much more vulnerable during one’s cycle. Be smart!

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