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“Demon (No Time)”

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Snackers, here we are with another one. Disclaimer, this entry is a true expression of the current sexual tension and the struggles of being single in the year 2023, without consistent dick. I know many of you feel my pain. Let’s dive in…

First off, the fingers were typing fast on this one. Baby it has been a STRUGGLE! Sometimes you just need someone to do the deed and fuck your brains out. Throw it back one time, as if tomorrow does not exist. Now, I have talked about being in heat before…but this shit is serious these days. Second, I just ended my cycle and ovulation is a fucking joke. I saw a post the other day that said, “Ovulation horny is actually demonic”, which is accurate, in every facet of the word. Talk about the best time to conceive shiiiiitttt.

Lastly, it is very simple…it has been a while and I have been strong, but it is about that time. Ya girl might have to scout some candidates at this point! Now, you all know my motto is nourishment and stimulation. In my younger days, I was fucking, period. Neither of those requirements was required at that stage of my sex life. I was doing the most and it was a blast. You know what type of blog this is, do not act surprised now. Anyway, I had a college boyfriend for roughly four years. When that shit ended, I broke loose and experienced some things.

Decided to discover what I like and do not like as a young woman with different partners. Safety is always key! Whether condoms, birth control, or whatever you feel will protect you given the partner and whatever the two of you have set up, Snackers be safe. However, protection is not foolproof, do what is best for you. Anyway, I say all that to say, remember when we were younger out there getting it and gave no fucks. The pressure was not as serious as it is today. Why is that? Send an email to and let me know.

I was simply getting dick and living life, dick appointments were spontaneous, sweaty, and risky in the best way. Meeting someone organically and doing the damn thing was my jam. There is always a double standard for women in terms of body count, I say we are all grown and do what we want. I personally enjoy someone that has learned their body by fucking. I am just saying! Teach me how to fuck you, if you have not discovered that, how do you know? For those of you in a relationship, especially long term…even then, explore with your partner, spice that shit up!

All in all, demon time used to be in full effect, my sex life was poppin! It still is, which is the beautiful part about it. I just had to chill and really tune in and listen to my body. Being sexually liberated, I have pushed myself through the limits in the bedroom that hide behind “what is supposed to happen”, just do what you do. If you enjoy getting your ass eaten, that is your business. Toys are a joy, they are to enhance, not to compete with.

On some real shit, I need it. Any takers? I am playing! Please do not hit the DMS doing the most, I might be horny as fuck, but I have some sense. I am not out here doing whatever with whoever. I guess that is what makes these moments in my life the most challenging. Being hyper-sexual is lovely and annoying all at once. But at this age being selective is not only the vibe but necessary. Being single, I have also noticed men are not down for the cause like they used to be. I love that for men, know your worth king!

It is evident, we have gotten to a point in society where people want to feel something, be something, and have something in all aspects of their lives. I always say casual sex or not if I am sharing myself with someone and they cannot stimulate my mind and my vagina we cannot get down. Nourishment is one word I adopted around 2019 and have yet to turn back.

Adopting nothing less than being fed during my sexcapades has always brought great sexual partners my way and I plan to keep it that way. I want to be on demon time so badly, but it seems that my growth will not let me revert to my old ways. Got damn it!

I love you all, please get it in for me. Pray for me in the meantime LOL.

Thank you for reading!

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Apr 13, 2023

Great Read! Sending Energy of Resilience and Will power Your way.

Laniese Wallace
Laniese Wallace
Apr 14, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! I need it lol

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