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Forbidden Fruit!

Snackers, it is Hump Day, and we are here with another snack for that ass. Lately, my mind has been all over the place. Life is lifeing, but we are here and too blessed to be stressed. Amen! Now you all know I have been on my best behavior, but your girl has been struggling to say the very least. Let me explain why…

Have you ever wanted something so bad, or someone? Who am I kidding…y’all nasty like me, that is why you are here. I know you have had some thoughts at one point or another. Caught yourself having thoughts like what you would do, what he would do, how you would do it, how it may feel, etc. Then playing the entire scenario out. Imagination will get you every time. That imagination will have you somewhere in a corner wet as fuck for no reason. It is literal madness! Torture, if you ask me.

As of late, my vagina and I have had weekly meetings discussing the potential outcome of a given situation. The situation is…project to behave or to be on my worst behavior. A real predicament these days. I am conflicted Snackers! We are 30 and trying to thrive. As my friends would say, “I am turning over a new leaf”. But my mind, my mind is like “girl you know your time is almost up before you start itching for some dick”. My mind takes me places I love to be, honestly. As a sexually liberated woman, my mind and I travel a lot.

For example, you have wanted a given person for x amount of time and you see them for the first time in a while, this is how my mind works. “Damn you look good, your hair is cut, and the outfit is right, can we fuck? Laniese stop it, you know you are trying to do right”. When I say do right, I mean behave. Trying to act like I have some sense because baby I have had my share, as you all know. But then your eyes meet in the same room “shit he is looking at me, and if I engage too long, I might need a change of panties”. It does not take much to soak some shit up. Just saying!

These thoughts cross my mind, and I keep thinking “if you wait you will thank yourself in due time. Do not do anything irrational because your pussy is throbbing. Relax, take a breather, and the throb is gone”. It is rough out here when you have not had any, in a MINUTE. You start reminiscing and shit. The possibilities are endless. My libido is also quite high, typically above average. The recent practices of doing right have “kept me near the cross” if you will…but I am about ready to bust out of the shackles I placed on myself and get it POPPIN.

The current prospect is fine as wine. Yes, men can be fine as wine too! This one pays attention to detail, great head on his shoulders…sexy as fuck in so many ways. You can tell when someone is about that action in the bedroom. This one will have me turned out if I am not careful. Just the way we like it! But, out of respect, he has held out as well. Patience grasshopper. Isn’t that some shit!

Though “my mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes”, I have made it a priority to build better relationships with men. Restraint will only make the pussy grow fonder. I really crack myself up writing for you all. But for real. I cannot fold under the pressures of temptation. Hold out and you shall receive, is what I believe.

In the meantime, pray for me y’all…this Forbidden Fruit has me in a chokehold. I NEED THAT!

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