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My Yin and his Yang (Recently Deleted)

Do you ever stop and think about the best head you ever had? Gave you chills for a whole 72hours type shit. Was so good, sometimes you get stuck reminiscing. Then have to remember you are in public or at work? Yeah, I feel you. This quarantine has all of us reminiscing and wishing. So let us dive right in. Listen, when it comes to anything sexual, ethnicity is not a factor. I am all for a good time and a good mix honey. If you have ever hesitated to taste the flavors of the world, STOP! Go for it.

He was a Korean thang that knew exactly what he was doing. Completely took me by surprise. They say Asians are good at math, right? Let me just say he calculated the hell out of my shit. To be clear, we are not here to promote stereotypes. Not all Asians are good at math, but he was. Moving right along. I remember this night like it was last night yawl. He ate me out something so good, what was happening to my body felt foreign. This man had taken me to an unfamiliar place, yet somewhere I desired to be all at once. His head game was right, it was bomb. In the midst of it all I had to pinch myself and make sure I was still on planet earth while you bullshitting. My roommate the next day was like so you had fun last night. She asked me what happened? Of course, girl talk. I responded with few words, I think I left my body and just returned, great question. 24 hours later and still speechless! He had me shook, so I decided to do some research. I wanted to explore the possibilities of an outer body experience during sex or any oral activity.

“Transcend- To be or to go beyond the range or limits of something abstract”. There are three types of transcendence: Ego, Beyond the self, spiritual beyond space & time. That third one is exactly where he had me. Somewhere in outer space, floating around like an atom amongst the galaxies basking in the greatness of his tongue. I felt like a whole new woman that night to say the least. I should have known I was in trouble after he kissed me. Transcending into a whole new world is exactly what had happened. A whole new world like Jasmine from Aladdin! I officially had an update for my roommate! Ladies and gents If he or she do not send you to the moon and back, that is whack. If they are asking you that dumb ass question “did you nut yet”? If they do not know, you got to go. The moon and back, Yang did just that. Shit he told me how many times I came; he was determined that night. All brain functionality had left me at that point, after some head like that I needed a joint. My body had left the physical state of laying in my bed. I knew after that night I would never be the same. Forget the stereotypes, I was hooked on Yang.

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