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Naughty, Then Nice!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

That make up sex hit different when they know they done fucked up huh! This one took me by surprise. Forewarning, this snack is JUICY! It was too damn good not to share. Let me get into it!

This is an interesting one. One that I have loved for quite some time and cherished as a best friend before anything else. He has always held me down through thick and thin. You know how that shit goes…we all have that ONE! Thought about a relationship a time or two, but ladies and gents at the end of the day sometimes you got to stay away and do what is best for you!

Now do not get it twisted, few years ago I would have married this man in a heartbeat. Problem is, after I realized he was not ready for me, I could never manage to stay way because his ass loves to eat that pussy. He gives the type of dick that is in its own category! Will really have you fiending for the shit. Okay! Now that we are all on the same page, let me get to the juice.

So you know when a man fucks up and they give you the best dick. Everything they got. This was that kind of night! The night prior we had a little incident and he knew I was pissed off. That do not lay a finger on me and try a damn thing kind of mad right. So nothing happened that night. He knew what was best. He apologized and all that mushy stuff. I knew his ass was just trying to butter me up. But baby, I did not expect his words and his actions to come together so beautifully! Let me tell you!

I know this man loves me. We have been there, done that. That chapter is in the past. So I thought! The next night, he came with the heat and did me just right! Before I jump too far ahead, let me set the scene. It was getting late; I take a shower. Few nights prior to this, he kept stopping trying not to nut. He was not ready for this good stuff. Then after our little incident he was on my shit list. So redemption was the only way he was about to hit this. He knew the vibes!

So I am out the shower. I get ready for bed, I’m chillin. Here he comes to my side trying to get close and make his move. In my head I was like self, myself said yes? I thought, “he better come correct or we are about to have a problem”. Again, he knew the vibes! He is rubbing on me slowly, kissing on me softly and I cannot even lie to y’all I was already wet. I just knew it was about to be some fire ass make up sex.

The clothes come off; he starts eating. He never disappoints there, so I am like what is next…Well, he grabs my foot and the toes enter his mouth. I was like this is new! What the fuck got into you? Me and him had messed around before and he had never done the extra shit. But tonight he was with the shits!

My toes on his tongue one by one and sending all the chills up my entire body. Then it got even better. He turned me around and started eating the booty like groceries y’all! Now let me pause, because I am not all for the ass action with whoever and whenever. But this man is a different story, so I was like okay let me see what that mouth do!

He finished and pulled me to the edge of the bed and was so deep. He kept hitting that spot and had me squirting the entire time he was inside. I was like wow this is nice; he is naughty, and I am loving every minute. He knew if he did not put it down, I was definitely going to tell his ass. I have no filter if you guys have not noticed! I was shocked, he had pulled out all the stops! He gained his little credit that night and he definitely set the bar high! Do me like that every time and we can both get naughty, then nice!!!

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