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Older is Not Always Better! (Written by Anonymous)

This week’s story was shared with me right on time! As you all know, I have been asking if we are pleased or pleasing all month. Well, let me just say this story was a great example of when the pleasing turns into unpleased real quick!

Snackers, you all know I love an older man. Especially in the bedroom because they put it down like no other! At least in my experience. So, of course when I saw this story I was happy that a fellow Snacker of mine had hopefully gotten her socks knocked off. Let us dive into her story, because what I thought was going to be the end result, was quite the opposite…

Her story:

There was this older gentleman in his fifties that I worked with at my job, decent looking, but I never gave him the time of day. We had been working there together roughly three years. He knew me, not well but well enough to have a crush. Eventually, he started to really show interest and it was at a time when I really needed the money. So I came up with an idea to flirt a little and get on his good side, use this opportunity to my advantage!

After some time, I decided I would sleep with him to get my bills paid for the month. We had each other’s number so one night I sent him a sexy picture in some all pink lingerie. When I saw him at work the next day he was ecstatic and ready to give me whatever I wanted. Later that night I invited him over and was extremely excited actually! This was my first time every being with someone twice my age.

I was ready, I immediately got on top of him. I was wearing a see-through black lingerie set this time. Started to kiss him and he ate me from the front to the back! I was thinking he knew what he was doing, and this was going to be great! I got back on top of him an pulled his pants down, ready to hop on the dick. When I sat on it, I could not feel anything! I looked down with curiosity thinking maybe he was not inside. WRONG! When I looked down I noticed his dick was the size of my middle finger!!!

I was so disappointed! On the other hand, he was still ready to go. So I let him get off, I knew it was not going to be long before he finished. That only took three damn minutes. All in all, I got my bills paid that month, but I was looking for some excitement. Never again! The end.

Snackers, there you have it! Ready to please and very much so unpleased all at once. I guess older is not always better! In this case taking advantage may have backfired. You win some, you lose some! No matter how old you are.

Size does matter, I do not care what anyone says. If you have to get creative to feel the motion of the ocean that is stress I do not need! The bills may have been paid, but after homeboy left I would have had to masturbate! Love you all!

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