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Out With a Bang! (A Shocker!!!)

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Have you ever fantasized about a certain scenario and when it finally came to life in the bedroom you shocked the hell out of yourself? Became a whole porn star in the making and finally came to terms with how freaky you were all at the same time…? Snackers, get a drink for this one! This one crazy!

Y’all know that saying, “never say never”. Well, I never thought I would do it y’all. HAVE A FOURSOME!!! Yup, I really mustered up the courage and said fuck it! 2020 was wild. So, I said Laniese now is the time to share this one and here we are! I was always the type that said I would never share in the bedroom. But I did that night!

The guy I was messing with at the time had asked me if I would be interested in fucking some friends of his, a couple he knew and had messed with before. They were swingers, I figured it would be fun. I was skeptical of course, had never done ANYTHING like this but was intrigued. So I agreed to it! My partner in crime was an entire vibe and I knew I could trust his judgement without a doubt. Uncertain how I would feel watching my partner fuck someone else or even touch someone else in the same room…but, shockingly enough it turned me on. Anyway, moving on, shall we!

I shocked the hell out of myself and did some shit I thought yet again I would NEVER do. To be pleased and in return give the upmost pleasure to my partner is always my goal. Doing some other shit with multiple people was never on my bucket list. But man am I glad I had a change of heart! Safety first of course, condoms, yes we used them! Ladies and gents your pH balance is a thing and so are STD’s. But nonetheless, I was definitely with the shits!

The couple was very nice, we drank some wine. Already a vibe solely based on conversation. I am comfortable at this point, me and my partner in crime were all cuddled up on some cute shit. It was perfect. Then, the tour of the house comes! I knew it was about to go down. We end up in their bedroom and all my nerves left me. I was ready! I wanted to know if the professionals were going to take care of this rookie! I look over to my left and my partner in crime is already kissing homegirl. Her fiancé is snatching my clothes off and it was over!

We are all in the bed simultaneously doing our thing. Homeboy and I are doing the good ole 69! I hear his girl moaning, and I just know she is getting some amazing dick from my partner in crime. He puts it down every time! She asked if she could kiss me, they were aware I was a rookie. So, she tongues me down and then she went down y’all! Ahhhh, I know! Multiple firsts happening all at the same time for me! I was charged up and went crazy. Her fiancé needed a minute. He was not ready for this good shit. I bring the heat! My partner in crime and I know what it is. He comes to accompany me during homeboy’s intermission, making me squirt was his mission.

He just wanted to put on a show for our couple. We definitely did that! Me and him have crazy ass chemistry so everything was happening effortlessly. My partner in crime slides inside and now I am right at home; he relaxed my body in ways he probably was not aware of. Homegirl goes down on me again, she is fingering me and my partner in crime is playing with my clit. Then there it went! I squirted; the fireworks finally went off! Then I did the impossible, took two dicks AT THE SAME TIME. Got double stuffed and fucked the shit out of homeboy on top. I knew he was about to nut, and I was not about to stop!

He came and his fiancé watched that entire moment! I loved it! I felt like I hit a homerun! Call it beginners’ luck or just the rookie showing out. But when we left I was like I fuckin did that! Me and my partner in crime him both did and that turned me on even more shit! We made a good ass team! When we got back to his house after hugs with the couple and a quick drive home…we smoked a joint. Needed that! Then we went a couple rounds after that. I got on top and he was like “it is all mine”, he knew to get this for himself while it was wet. All I can say is I have no regrets and he was the perfect partner to do the shit with. All I know is I was a different woman that night and after it! I was shocked I really came with it!!!

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