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Patience! (Written by Anonymous)

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

This one is called “Patience” because that is exactly what it took to have her! This woman was someone I knew a long time ago but never had a relationship with. Fast forward a few years, Patience and I started to build a relationship, but she kept trying to put me in the friend zone. I wanted something more. ALOT more! Let me be honest I wanted her...ALL OF HER! I just needed to figure out how to get it. Patience had been over to my place a few times; we had never done anything. But this particular night, was the night. The stars were aligned! Someone was looking out for me this night!

Let’s get into it shall we! Patience came over to my place looking beautiful as can be. She came in a Victoria Secret sweat suit. Only secrets I wanted to know of was what was under those pants! She came in and gave me a hug, her scent was intoxicating. I reciprocated her touch and gave her one of those hugs that let you know I am trying to take this moment. The night goes on and the vibe is there. I was very interested in this woman mentally and I was trying to get in there. But it was not time to pull the trigger. So I decide to pull a few tricks out the bag.

I offered her a drink to get a little loose, then I put on a movie. My go to was “Baby Boy”. First off, it is iconic, and I knew I could use the sex scenes to my advantage! Typically this would have worked on any other female, I would have been deep in some guts by the time Yvette was making them tacos for Jodie. This was not the case this night. As the movie goes on I start to make my moves here and there, she is letting me advance more and more. Every man has been here before, so I am playing it as cool as I can. I do not want to push it, but I want to let her know the deal. I was trying to throw her some DICK! It was up to her to catch it!!!

Now we are kissing each other, and things are getting pretty spicy! She is on top of me, and I am grabbing all over!!! Then the dreaded words come! All of a sudden she says “NO”. My heart sunk! She gets off of me and says, “we are friends, we can’t do this”. I am in disbelief. All I could gather was a “huh”? She continues to get herself together and reiterates that we are friends. It is in these moments where most men would get upset and ruin the night, but again this woman was “Patience” for a reason. I knew I had to do something! I grab her and pull her close and look her dead in the eye. I say, “I have enough friends, I need a woman”. I saw the sparkle in her eyes and that very second I knew shit was going DOWN!!!

We were back at it! We are ripping each other’s clothes off at this point. I pick her up and take her to my room, throw her on my bed, I cannot not wait any longer. I go down on her, but I tease her a little bit. I start off kissing her stomach, slowly making my way towards her pussy, her shit was so fat and wet it looked like it was sculpted by the gods just for me! I continue by running my tongue up her thighs and my tongue over her clit. I want her to know I am going to change her world! At this point she was begging me with her body!

She was trying to push my head inside of her pussy! I start sucking on the clit like the key to life is locked inside and the only way I can get it out is if she cums. Her shit is tasting like water! She is moaning and moving trying to get away! I am holding her legs down, preventing her from running. I just can’t get enough at this point! Her pussy juices are giving me LIFE, but she can’t take it anymore and then it happens she squirts all over my face, my bed, my floor… juices everywhere! Literally! The shit is dripping down my beard and this was my first squirter! I had always wanted to make a girl squirt so you can imagine how turned on I am at this point. My dick is hard enough to do pull-ups on! I quickly grab the condom and now it is the moment of truth!

I slowly slide every possible inch of this dick inside of her. She gasps and grabs me tight! I can barely make room to stroke her down. Each stroke getting deeper and deeper! I am stroking faster; she is scratching my back and I am almost sure it is bleeding at this point. But the pussy is too good! I turn her over, now I want to see what the ass is looking like while gripping my dick. When I tell you that night I saw the 9th wonder of the world, it is TRUE! I had never seen an ass look this good! She had that thang arched so right and spread so perfectly; I did something that I normally do not do on the first night. For her, I was going to make an exception. I had to know what the pussy felt like! I asked to take the condom off. She let me TAKE IT OFF y’all!!!

When I slid back in I wanted to shed a thug tear. After that moment, I was confident I was going to make a baby with this woman on the first night! I proceeded to tear that ass up, I was digging in her deep! She was reaching for something that was not there. Every stroke, my dick would come out whiter and whiter her cum was everywhere all she could do was hold onto those sheets and take it! The way her pussy lips gripped my dick; I just knew they were meant to be together. After a good while of deep back shots, hair pulling, ass clapping and slapping, I finally came on her ass cheeks busting one of the best nuts in my life!

I came so hard I had to lay down and just sit there for a second. She was not moving; we were both stuck and I knew I had put it down because her legs were shaking! Shit was so good she laid there with my nut running down her ass cheeks. It looked like the perfect fucking crime scene and all it took was a little “PATIENCE”!

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