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Pleased to Say The Least!

Snackers, are we being pleased or the only one doing the pleasing?

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this week, I wanted to share one of my favorite experiences and what made it special! Y’all know I put it down like I never have. Let me tell you how cute this shit was. I am a sucker for all the romance and this night was perfect!

Have you ever had Valentines plans and work or life fucked it up? I have, plenty of times! This particular Valentine’s seemed like it was going to be just that, ruined. Simply because I could not get off of work on time. My boyfriend at the time had plans I was aware of, but I had no idea what they were. My boss had asked me to stay a couple hours and I was livid, usually I would say no. The other employee working with me that day was married, so I let her leave.

I make a phone call to let my boyfriend know I am going to be clocking out later than I thought, he tells me we will miss our movie he had planned. So now I am really irritated! Always trying to be nice. I tell him what time to pick me up from work and his ass was right on time for once. So what seemed like a bad night was already looking up. We get home and he is opening my doors, taking my bags to carry inside, all the cute shit we love. So I was thinking “okay, what is really going on”? Did we really miss a movie?

I walk in the house and it smells amazing. Y’all know my love to eat ass was ready for a meal! Then, he led me to his bedroom and when he opened the door, there was a candlelit dinner set for a party of two! Flowers on the table and everything! I was so happy because no one had ever put that much thought into a Valentines date before, and the best part is that we were at the house. No one bothering us, no one asking us questions at a restaurant, just me and him!

He tells me to get settled at the table and brings my food, some wine, he really pulled out all of the stops! You all know where this is headed…I was already plotting. He pleased me with his effort and I sure planned on pleasing his dick all night! No foreplay was needed, that meal was the foreplay! It was so good! He cooked salmon, one of my favorites and I was in heaven. I had just gotten off of work, so I showered immediately after dinner. When I came back in that room, it was OVER!

I kissed him from head to toe and sucked his dick like there was no tomorrow! Took him on a ride of a lifetime. He deserved all the love that night and I was not stopping until he got ALL of his. I believe relationships should always meet in the middle. Me pleasing him was not only my thank you, but his reward for doing all the things he knew I would be happy with. Men need to know they did something right and baby he sure did that night!

We went a couple of rounds and it was the best sex we had had in a while! We had been going through some things leading up to this night. I was not only very surprised, but I knew the love for each other was still alive. That candlelit dinner was lit, and I got some crazy amazing dick out of it! Love you all!

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