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Reminiscing Like a MF…!

I had to spice it back up this week! Snackers, you know how it is when it has been a while, you start reaching back in the memory bank and thinking of the best you ever had. Your genitals start throbbing and shit. It gets deep when you need that or maybe it is just me!

So a while back in “Bloody Night Gone Right” and “The Dick That Haunts Me” I mentioned my ONE and the many joys he brings my body. Well, he is back! Yes, his shit is that good I had to run that back like a broken record y’all! When they say they get better with age it is definitely TRUE! He is talented as fuck, period. Now I told you I was going to spice it back up! This one is to take your imagination places. Imagine your ONE. You ready?

I told you all that he was 48. Well, if you missed that part. There is that minor detail! When I want it he is the first person that comes to mind. Talk about “blow my socks off”, baby he does that and then some. He blows me into another time zone, another country, another got damn dimension, okay! Now I know you guys are thinking there is no way! But yes way, I promise he is that good.

If it were not a shame to share him with every homegirl I have, I would. Every person I know deserves the kind of sex he provides just once in their life. This man was everything I needed and wanted when I met him, my body had not discovered some things he unleashed and now it is a wrap! I told you guys how he brought the squirting out of me. Yup, that was the infamous 48 and great! He unleashed the beast. LOL. Handsome and as charming as can be. Truly hard to resist and he loves his chocolate. Licks every drop there is and leaves nothing on the plate!

Trey Songz made the song “Dive In” just for him! I swear he did. He is a great swimmer to say the least. You pickin up what I am putting down Snackers…I know you are! This man will never be forgotten he is all that and a bag of chips baby and I loved it. Age is only a number. The way his dick was set up every time we got down to business definitely had me stuck. Not only because it was immaculate, it was the STAMINA for me. I could barely keep up! He is very dominant in the bedroom and I like that shit! I know y’all remember the part where he took my damn tampon out and flushed it!!! Yeah…I am still shocked by that!

Mind blown and in a trance every single dick appointment. Take a trip for the dick, type of shit. He was genuinely the gateway to my freaky. Like I said, this man unleashed the beast! His voice was so calming, his kisses used to have my shit throbbing as soon as I walked in the door. I was always wet on sight and you better believe he fucked me all night and just right.

Snackers, you already know your girl is a freak, the nastier the better. The nastier, the happier she is. Gents, keep that in mind! I could go on for days about the times me and this man had. I will spare you all today…just know he might pop again. Because I got a soul tie I need to detach from. Yeah, his ass will be back. Who am I kidding. Love y’all!

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