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Sleigh Ride Lovin!

Have you ever been in a situation that worked out so perfect it made you believe in Santa for a second? Let me go ahead and share this magic with you!

It was Christmas night and I had been invited to a close friend’s house to join the family festivities. I was unsure of how the night would turn out, but I figured fuck it. I am free, why not just get up and go! Me and this “close friend” have history, but his family had never met me. We were never an exclusive thing. Blah, blah, blah…

Anyway, let me paint the scene. I arrive, he greets me and introduces me to the family. Of course, they like me! Plus I knew I would fit right in when I saw the margarita machine. Y’all know I love a good drink! It was lit! Stories swarming the room, garage occupied with the crazy cousins and uncles. Was definitely my kind of family. They welcomed me with open arms and the food was amazing. In the back of my mind I was glad that I came. I also knew it would be a dangerous move if I stayed.

Me and this “close friend” of mine had our eye on each other for quite some time. Let me just say me and him keeping our hands off of each other was not the easiest task. Moving right along, the vibes are great, and everyone is full of holiday spirit. There was some drama I was not ready for, but what is a family function without a slight problem! We all have that one family member! Then, his Uncle comes out of his bedroom in an ugly sweater dress with lipstick on, a purse, the whole nine! He managed to flip everyone’s frown upside down the rest of night!

It was perfect, Christmas with one of my “close friends” and a family that I could definitely see myself in. The entire situation was just too good. Then, to top it off his extra ass pulls out a letter from years ago I had written for him. I looked at it, read it and reminisced for two seconds. I was genuinely shocked he even kept it. This Christmas night felt so right. I knew something even better was coming. Did I think it was going to result in me coming, NO! But I was ready to be a HO, HO, HO!

The night was slowing down, people going home. Family members that were staying the night getting ready for bed. Th smart thing for me to do, would have been to head home my damn self. But I wanted some head my damn self! You feel me! I just knew I was going to behave. The way it was looking, it was not going to stay that way. Fast forward, the house is quiet, and everyone is sleep. We were on the couch watching tv, then his lips and my neck meet. He was kissing my sweet spot and it was about to get hot. I said stop, you have a house full of family!

He keeps going, now he has me moaning. I tell him “get up, let’s go”, I said we are about to take it way back and get in this car! He had taken it too far. He had taken me to a place I was not coming back from without him sliding inside. His car, a.k.a. (the sleigh ride) was the only option. I was wet and ready to ride him all night. My tall ass hopped in that backseat so quick shit! I was going to get me some dick! He fucked me so deep and had me coming over and over. All this shit with my “close friend”. He knew what he was doing all along.

I was getting that sleigh ride lovin and it was every bit of wrong in the best way. Santa came through for your girl because I thought I was going to be alone this Christmas day! Moral of the story, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do shoot!

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