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That Nut Had Me F$@&%* Up!

This week’s story is an interesting one. It is a simple reminder that health is key. Especially if you are the type that likes oral ANYTHING in the bedroom…Let me explain!

Now y’all know I am always down for a good time! But sometimes going all in until the end will get you in trouble and this is why…

One night I was chillin with one of my flings if you will, hanging out and doing some thangs with this particular male specimen was nothing new. We had messed around numerous times, had plenty of sex, there were never any hygienic issues. This was also a time where I did not care about what was going inside of the body of my partners, in terms of diet. My oh my, did that change after this particular incident!

So me and homeboy are cuddled up, start touching each other and I know it is about to go down. Again, me and this person hooking up was nothing new. Fast forward and he is inside stroking, deep up in there and I am thinking to myself “this is why I keep you around”. I am moaning and making every sound, we switch positions and I am on top going crazy! Snackers, let me pause the story right there really quick because this detail is important.

Before we got to the nitty gritty, homeboy wanted some head. He was someone I had been physical with for some time as I stated, so I was down. Typically, if I am getting to know a male specimen I do not volunteer dick sucking services off top. Unless I know what and who I am sucking okay! There is far too much going on these days to just put anyone in your mouth, you feel me! But nonetheless me and homeboy were good. So I thought.

Back to the nitty gritty! So I am on top going crazy and I just know he is right there. So I go even harder and I am like yup it is over. Sure enough, it was. I thought I was off the hook and he forgot about the head. I was not! This fool was like so once I rest I still want that head. I was thinking okay sure, fair enough since I was trying to be slick. Some time went by and I begin giving him the best head I had ever given. He was about to nut, and he asks the infamous, “do you swallow”?

I was like “uhmm…no because you are not my man”. “But I will make an exception since I lowkey played you”. I keep going, he finally came, and I SWALLOWED his nut. Even though me and him had been physical, this was the first time I ever swallowed anything from him. When I tell you that shit had me sick to my stomach. I was real life nauseous! His nut had fucked up my gut and it was the worst. Tasting like chemicals and shit.

No juice was going to wash that away. That was the first time I realized how important it was for a male specimen to keep their dick clean inside and out! Homeboy might have been fine, but I never questioned his diet! I was good after that and never went back!

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