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That Thang Was Giving!

Do you ever reminisce and think “damn that was some good shit”? I know you all have. As we enter this holiday season, giving thanks is underway, and the memories are always abundant. We have to celebrate those moments that were the best ever had. Whether a great meal, a great time with friends and family, the list goes on. Well, you know where this is headed. Let me share a story about a thang that kept giving.

Snackers, you know it was good when he is still talking about it months later! The same way you talk about a Thanksgiving meal from years ago that was fire because everything that was put out gave what it was supposed to give. Yeah, this is one of those. One of those night’s when that pussy fed his soul, and he ate every piece of food there was off of my plate.

We were out having a good time one night; it was a vibe all around. Great people, good music, and here I was, with a blast from the past. Sometimes those blasts get you into some shit! Moving on. I was late to the party, per usual, so I headed straight to the bar. I was playing catch up with my great friend TEQUILA. Now we all know tequila will have you on a level you didn’t know existed. I was taking them back, shot after shot. To say the least, at this point I was definitely caught up. We had a few dances; we ate some good food; it was time to go.

So we end up back at the hotel. Me, and these damn hotel rooms! I am grabbing clothes to change into. Meanwhile this man is in the bed booty ass naked. Ready is an understatement. I still put my shorts and tank top on to go to sleep, like that was going to last…let’s kill the modesty shall we. I hop in the bed, the clothes come off immediately. Putting them on was a waste of time anyway but we knew that! Remember, me and my great friend TEQUILA, we are a team at this point.

I started sucking his dick like I had never sucked his dick before. Again, TEQUILA! I was convinced I had superpowers. He told me to sit on his face and it was over after that. He ate everything there was, I hopped on top, rode him like tomorrow never existed. It was wild, it was wet, and there were moments where my memory left me. That fucking TEQUILA! She was trying to set me up. I had squirted a ton, that was fun. He was on top doing the damn thing, it was everything I needed that night. Rough, deep, and put me to sleep. A great combo if you ask me.

Apparently my performance was Oscar worthy because months later this man was still talking about how my thang gave and then some. “Best I ever had” may have been the comment made. I was shocked, as I mentioned my memory left me here and there. The sex between him and I was always equivalent to fireworks, and what I remember was amazing. All in all Snackers, keep that thang right, and it will stay tight. It will give every time and provide! To that, WE GIVE THANKS!!!

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