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The Dick That Haunts Me! (Recently Deleted)

Have you ever had some dick you wish you never had? Snackers, I know we all have that one! That type of dick that was and still is at the top of the top on the list and always will be. Gives you chills every time you think about it and some more shit. So damn good that afterwards you were asking yourself how and why is this dick so talented? I know how that goes, its rough! They hit it just right and always manage to hit you up just in time. Then at work the next day typing in a daze tasting the dick, feeling the dick. Then your parts in between your legs start throbbing because you want it again knowing good and well you do not need it. Yup, Problems!

I have that ONE. I call it the ghost of dick past! This particular gentleman I am referring to, his shit was so good I feel like I get stuck when I reminisce. Something like “That’s So Raven” the television show. I have a vision and I am in another reality experiencing some things! It makes no sense! I met this man about 4 years ago and boy did he shock the hell out of me. First time we ever had sex I was like Jesus is that you? He had me calling on the lord, reaching out to the universe with my soul. Not only had my body left its physical form and entered a different realm of reality, I felt like I was orbiting the galaxy. Made a few circles around the seven planets too!

I was hooked and there was simply no turning back. The next time we had sex, he really turned me out. Had me squirting everywhere, I swear I hit the tv with all the juices. Now that might be a little TMI (too much information). But hey, trying to give a visual here! Y’all know I tell it like it is. He was deep, his face was all in it and covered in me. This man was not afraid of a challenge and he definitely was not afraid to dive in (Trey Songz) type diving in, okay! Do you hear me! Time was irrelevant. What is time? When I was with him tomorrow could never come and I would not have noticed. His dick was like the crack I wished I never had. A straight fiend, strung the fuck out, addicted, the list goes on. He had opened a can worms I never planned on closing. Now just know as you keep reading my stories he will definitely pop up again. So I did not give too much this story. No worries he will be back!

This man’s dick was so good the first, second time I wish every friend of mine had the chance to experience him. Of course that never happened. But baby, he had me. Every time we had sex I was like is this real or fake? Fucking him was a mistake, period. I could not let go and he put it down the same extraordinary way with no disappointment every time after. Again, again, and again. He knew what he was doing and had done. Snackers, let me just say I reminisce about this man’s dick often. Soul ties are real, but you have to differentiate the healthy from the unhealthy. This one right here, not healthy. I eventually had to let it go. Just know the damn ghost of dick past still haunts me! Even while I am writing this damn story!!!

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