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The Freak in Me!

Snackers! Here we are another week, and we will be discussing all things hump related. Recently, I have gotten quite a few questions regarding my preferences in the bedroom. Since yall want to know, let’s get into it. Shall we…

There is something about the girl next door look that gets people every time. I always say my mouth and my outer appearance do not match. People meet me and are surprised by my willingness to explore the bedroom. I am a jack of all trades, there are no limits. It is a toss-up with me. I can be a lady and keep it classy or become a freak of freaks. You know what the song “We want a lady in the streets, but a freak in the…”. Yup, that is me in a nutshell.

I have been told by many friends that my threshold is much greater than the average person having sex. Because I enjoy anal or like to be tied up while being played with, etc. I say I am willing to try more. The freakier my partner is, the freakier I become. “Freak me baby”, period. Sex is all about the opportunity for me, the opportunity to learn new things about my body and push the limits to maximize pleasure for me and my partner. Having no bounds and allowing your body to go through the phases, from arousal to the finish is what makes the difference.

But I want to take a moment to shed light on the word “freaky”. Freaky could mean many things to others. For me, it is simply an expression based on one’s desires and how they are willing to achieve fulfilling those desires. Personally, I think those desires are fulfilled by indulging. Indulgence is a beautiful thing. Which is defined as, allowing oneself to enjoy a particular pleasure. When I say enjoy, I mean ENJOY! Think about the last time you had sex, were all five senses stimulated?

We have touch, smell, taste, sight, and what we hear right…well ladies and gentlemen stimulation is key. No matter how “nasty” your partner may or may not be, if they are stimulated in more ways than one during sex it will change the game. Let me elaborate by giving some tips and tricks.

Touch is number one and can be a plethora of things. Touch can include being sensual, rough, biting, choking, or anything you can feel, but touch with intention. If you touch a certain spot, and your partner reacts, keep doing that or make a note to visit that spot throughout. Use that spot as a trigger point. Now the smell is tricky, this sense depends on many factors of course, but if you are at home, light a candle or some incense. Enhance the aroma in the room and make sure you smell good.

Taste, let your partner taste you. That does not only include their genitals, maybe lick their body up and down, their neck, an ear, get creative! Sight, put on a show baby. If your partner is doing what they do to get you there, assist them…not only are you stimulating another area of the body, but that shit is sext AF to see. Lastly what we hear during the shit can really spice things up. Affirmations in the bedroom will be appreciated by your partner. Moan in their ear, tell them what feels good, and give directions on how to please your body. Tell your partner what you want!

Though all these tips seem mundane, or we know we have seen these same tips elsewhere, we forget that all our senses being stimulated elevate the experience. Do not be afraid to push the envelope and allow yourself to be free. I say the key to “freaky” is allowing the pleasure to guide you instead of guiding it. While having sex, we typically try to control the situation with performance in mind instead of the situation controlling us as it should. If you can trust your partner and their ability to take you there, go THERE!

One thing about me, I truly enjoy every experience and ensure that my partner receives the same level of pleasure they have provided for me and my body. Make it fun, get nasty and dirty, and challenge yourself to try things you normally would not. Use a toy or two…they are enhancements, not competition. Maybe even take one sense away temporarily. Try a blindfold and focus on what you feel, smell, taste, and hear.

All I have to say is “JUST DO IT”. Create safe words, if necessary, but all in all, you got this. Go be as nasty as you want to be and let me know how not giving a fuck goes. You will thank me, I promise. Being sexually liberated is top tier!

Thank you for reading!

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