• Laniese Wallace

Unclassified and Unsatisfied!

So this week is going to be a little light. Just a quick reminder of how annoying it is when someone tells you they are one thing, then you find out they are a complete fraud. Let us get to it!

You ever come across some bad business? A.K.A. some bad dick. You were so disappointed you simply had to cut off all ties with that person…I know we have all been there a time or two. Hopefully no more than a few! We all know getting good dick is a game changer. The ones that talk a good game, but then do NOT deliver at all or stroke game weak; now we have an issue. Snackers, I know we may have had to teach a few, a thing or two as well right? But there is nothing worse than someone saying they can deliver and then they have you wondering what the hype was about. Moving right along.

Somehow I have been fortunate enough to only have a couple bad experiences. But when I say bad, it was bad. So I meet this guy one night at the club. 6’5, 6’6 or so, real fine! I am already wet just looking at him. Thinking in the back of my head, “I just know his dick is too bomb”. “Plus he is tall, oh he is for sure putting it down”! Well folks, the night progresses and he finally approached me. Tells me he had been eyeing me all night and would like my number. So I am way too excited. I am already plotting in my perverted mind on how to finesse hopping on his dick! He was just so fine. Come on, give me a break! Y’all know I could not help myself.

We exchange numbers and he wasted no time after the club to tell me he would like to see me. So I am thinking let us not waste any time. Vibes were on point. The night is still young, and I am on one. Why not! That is what I get for trying to be fast first of all. But of course he was talking all that shit in person and still was when he hit my line. So nonetheless he had me excited, panties wet and ready to go by the time I get to his place. There was no way the sex was not about to be great! I get to his spot; he is looking me up and down. It was about to go down!!! He threw me on the bed so quick, I just knew he was fucking legit!

Then the disappointment. Yup, it was that quick! He gave me some good head, but I was like it could have been better. The anticipation was definitely built up at this point. When it was time to insert I looked and thought where is the rest of it! Confused and flabbergasted, all at the same time. Bamboozled was what I was! I could not believe that this fool was talking all that shit and had a little dick. Then on top of that could not do anything with it.

When I tell y’all he gave a good two strokes before he chocked. I am dead serious! I think when he nutted that little thing was between my ass cheeks because his shit was too small to reach anything! I quickly got dressed and said I have to go. He was pleased with the outcome that night. I left hoping I never see his ass outside. What a waste of time. He was so fine and that is exactly what I get for trying to be thirsty that nigh! He was definitely unclassified for the job and I left unsatisfied. Never again!

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