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B.G.P.E. (Big Girl Panty Energy)

Snackers! Love is in the air, and we are back to talk about all things we deserve on this fine hump day.

Disclaimer, fellas I love you too…but this is a special one for the ladies. All my women out there holding it down, single, and killing it. There is nothing wrong with spreading love, but please do it with true intention. Everyone deserves the three keys, consistency, nourishment, and healthy. We do not have to accept the bare minimum, stop accepting the bare minimum! Being fed is always the goal. If your current situation or future situations to come are no longer serving you, let it go. Let us dive in!

Ladies, are you finding quality difficult to find these days? If so, you are not alone. It is hard out here for a pimp! As a single woman, I have noticed more and more that the dating scene has become very scarce in terms of selection. It seems that there is a trend of men that qualify on paper, have an amazing resume, but bring very little to the table emotionally. When I say very little, “success” is not always enough. Success looks different for everyone, and all of us women hold success to a different standard depending on individual needs.

I believe the entire class would agree that stimulation is lacking in these streets. At this point, instead of a sperm bank, I feel like my next business venture needs to be a “how to stimulate more than the clit” class. Ayyeeee…that was good! Moving on. Seriously though, stimulation is everything. Stimulate my mind, body, and spirit. We are grown over here! For my ladies that have done the work, we are far past surface level. That is trash!

The three keys I mentioned earlier, are truly critical. A man that is consistent, has a goal. A man that can nourish is mature and emotionally intelligent enough to recognize your needs. Whether that is while dating or in a relationship…shit even in the bedroom having casual sex, if you cannot hold a conversation baby you cannot lick anything over here! Play with my mind and fuck me with vulnerability. Ladies we all want one that can do it all, but we must choose our battles. In most cases, all we need is reassurance. If a man is not willing to provide that, then honey he is not sure about you. PERIOD. Do not let these men sweet-talk you, then gaslight you when you notice a behavioral shift in energy.

It is “Big Girl Panty Energy” all 2023, set boundaries, and stand on them. Do not be scared to “lose him”. A real one will hear you out every single time. Remember, if expressing yourself is too much for a man, he was not going to be able to handle the weight of your greatness long-term anyway. Why, because he is not emotionally equipped to maintain a healthy line of communication. Communication takes a true effort, willingness, and a desire to improve any given situation through understanding.

Now let me be clear, this is not an “every man on the planet is not shit” vibe. I have met some amazing men that carry quality very well. Self-worth is a powerful tool for both men and women. Whatever energy you put out; you receive in return. Ladies if we want a quality man, we have to put out quality energy. Some things must be let go to receive. If we are not letting go of those that are no longer serving us, or we make the conscious choice to stay in a situation we are aware is not feeding us in all areas, or at all…what do you think will occur the next person you meet?

Let us not repeat the cycle but create new ones. The next potential partner may come along and shock the hell out of you because you let someone’s dusty-ass son go! You never know. Use that pussy power and stand with your head held high. If he cannot come correct, he can get checked. Time is not to be wasted, use it wisely.


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So powerful! Loved this💜💜



Amen amen 🫶🏾😂 love everything about this BPGP ENERGY!!!!!!!!

Laniese Wallace
Laniese Wallace

Thank you!!! Had to shed some light on the ladies one time. So glad you enjoyed it!❤️

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