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Stella’s Secret

Snackers, happy hump day! It has been a minute. Life is definitely lifeing, but we are back. Back with some new stories, experiences, and new countries under our belt. Love that for us. Summer is here and some of you are on your worst behavior. One of my lovely Snackers shared their juicy story for this week, let us dive in.

Do you remember Angela Bassett getting her groove back? Well, homegirl said if Angela can do it…I can too damn it. I think it is safe to say that Summer is all of the dopamine we need to act up. These hot ass sun rays will do it! The horny has officially been activated, and this Snacker of mine has decided to take full advantage of a good deed, and a good deed has been done. Seems as though she just needed her “Taye Diggs” to ignite the freak in her, the freak she has suppressed since the start of this year. I will be the first to say, there is nothing wrong with getting your back blown out one time for the one time. Or multiple times in this case. You know what they say, “Don’t knock it until you try it”. You might like it.

22 years of age is the name of this game. Yes, you read that right! A ten-year age gap with hesitation in the air. Reluctant to try what this young chocolate man was selling. However, though she had concerns, his chocolate seems to have served stamina and melted quite nicely. Now, for those of you reading this that are 30 and up know our muscles and joints have just reached the brink of “be careful”. One slight wrong move and it is over. Nonetheless, all precautions considered, we will return to the importance of a warm-up later on in this story. The young buck had come to play no games and was ready for his time to shine.

Let me fast forward to the night of…

The playlist is on point, playing all the jams. You know how it is when the freakiest songs that could possibly come on enter the room. The stroke is better, you ride better, all of the above. She was tapped in at the point, but not quite ready for whatever he was about to put on her. Keep in mind, it has been a while and sex has been off of the table in 2023 thus far. The young man was not only doing a great deed, but he was also snatching her soul with a simple touch. She then challenged him on some “Fifty Shades of Grey” shit and took things a step further with ice cubes. We love temperature play. Try it one day.

Moving right along, she sucks his chocolate wand while he licks her flower with an ice cube in his mouth in the position of 69. Boy was she in for a surprise, toes curling and unexpected vibrations traveling through her body. Her own game was used against her, she thought she was going to teach the young grasshopper a thing or two with her moves and “experience”. Meanwhile, his services were taking her over the edge. Her climax is on the way and then she catches a dreaded cramp! Not only a cramp in her left foot but a cramp in her right foot, which then led to a cramp in her thigh. Pro-tip, this is when running to the kitchen naked and having a sip or three of pickle juice is useful. Drink your water and get those electrolytes together.

“Stella” was prepared for her comeback, so she thought. The sex was almost too good, except for the cramping mishaps of course. She was taken aback by his performance and was immediately inclined to get a round two in, at a later date. Assuming all muscles will have recovered by then. This young man boosted her confidence and her freaky all at the same time. He held his own and held her ass too! She actually had fun, which was a relief. There were no regrets, and I am cheering her on. There is no shame in having someone younger do the deed. It is Summer and needs need to be met in this heat. Homeboy has officially unleashed the beast. It is demon time, and he has made the cut for a summer nut!

Since their first interaction, the sex has moved to the parking garage at work…we love some spontaneous sex in the car. My Snackers are about that action, she said “I will redeem myself by any means necessary”. I am not mad at it at all. I AM HERE FOR IT! Do your thang, Stella. We love that energy after a six-month drought. Apparently, the young grasshopper is hooked now. She put it on him something proper, as she should have. Period babe!!!

Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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