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Dormant AF!

* Snackers, it is getting deep.

This week I decided to dive in a little deeper and talk about the shit I have been through on the opposite side of the spectrum. We are all grown, so I wanted to shed some light on why it is important to make sure your genitals are clean ladies and gents! Let us talk about it!

I was young, first year in college and living it up! Track and field athlete going to all the parties, flirting at track meets in between my jumping events. Typical shit. I was still top 10 in the state of California. Don’t’ play me! Moving on, I meet this guy on my team and he was fine! Buff as hell to be so young, goofy, but charming. This story right here is why co-ed sports get people in trouble!

Anyway, fall semester is underway and so is conditioning for the track season after class. So I saw this boy every single day and I was head over hills. We end up talking, hanging out and the vibes were cool. Again, we were young and trying to be fast. We started having sex! Nothing major, we kept it casual. Then one day at practice his ex tells me his dick is dirty and I need to get checked! Shit hit the fan after a solid three months of sharing my body with this boy. I knew I had not touched anyone else and my dumbass was thinking there was no way he had touched anyone else!

So, I go to the health center on campus. Few days later, the health center calls with my results. Lo and behold…I had tested positive for CHLAMYDIA y’all! The fucking clap was trying to clap back, and I had no idea! I awkwardly told homeboy about himself and that was that. Let me go ahead and put the actual time frame into perspective, so you all understand the importance of the situation. We fucked three months. Stopped talking for roughly two months. Who knows when I got infected, and he had kept quiet. Knowing his dick was burning and that he had burned me! Without the ex, I would not have known to get checked!

I take the antibiotic. Everything was back to normal. Now we are in the middle of Spring semester and I meet my college boyfriend. We were good kids and decided to wait, really get to know one another before any sexual activity…so now even MORE TIME has gone by since my last encounter with homeboy. I am six months deep, maybe more. I was treated and thought I was golden. The Chlamydia chapter was behind me. Nope! Me and my boyfriend had sex the first time and he tells me I need to go get tested. I was MORTIFIED!!! Embarrassed to say the least and so angry that I was STILL carrying Chlamydia without knowing.

Folks, not all men and women have symptoms. It is rare for men not to. Women, more often than not are asymptomatic. Meaning that we do not show symptoms while an infection or virus is present. Issue with Chlamydia is that it resides in a woman’s cervix. If you end up like me and uninformed, the infection can turn dormant. Then becomes harder to get rid of. Now, some of you may be asking why protection was not used. Again, we were young! Horny and getting straight to it! I do not have an excuse, just the facts LOL. I digress!

As I was saying, a woman’s cervix is affected and even in some cases their uterus. If Chlamydia remains dormant too long it can cause infertility! I am no doctor, but I have been through some wild one-off situations and I have done my own research to prevent things like this occurring ever again! As I write this story nervous to share my truths about sex, it is important to get tested always! Whether single and mingling, having unprotected sex, or even uncertain about your partner regardless if you seem to be in a “committed relationship”. You simply NEVER KNOW! Contracting Chlamydia does not always mean someone is cheating either. Just like my case, it was dormant, and I had no idea that 6-8 months later I would be the cause of transmitting the infection.

2020 was rough and we have no time in this world to be irresponsible. Snackers, take care of yourselves and I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your routine tests done every six months! As an adult now, I go every three. Just to be completely safe! Even if I have not had a new partner. Just because you have not touched someone else, that does not mean that is the case for whoever it is you are having sex with. Especially if exclusively having sex with each other has not been discussed. Trusting your partner is everything, but most importantly trust yourself! Stay safe!

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