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Growing Pains

Snackers, it is Hump Day, and life is lifeing. We are not humping a got damn thing this week. It is getting deep these days, and I wish I was talking about dick. Let us get to it…

I knew 2023 was going to be a year of growth and transformation in many ways but SHIT! I was not prepared for the boxing match 2023 was going to throw me in the first round. But are we ever really prepared? You roll with the punches and prevail or get defeated right?

After living in three different states, I have been down and gotten back up many times…but this shit right here is different. God, the universe, and Spirit said it is about that time! Comfort is death to growth. Being comfortable can be detrimental to transformation at times, and it seems that my foundation has been shaken for reasons it has. Between my work life, home life, and love life, all areas have been challenged. The craziest part is that all three areas I have prayed over, and honestly, the result is stress. I must remember God will never give me too much, even if it is all at once.

Though overwhelmed by looking at what is next dead in the face, I think of all the gems those around me have instilled over the years. Someone once told me “Uncertain is not always a bad place to be”. Do not be surprised if I write an entry saying I relocated! You all know I am a free spirit type of gal. Anyway, I am quickly finding there is bliss in the unknown, opportunity does not always present itself as a pretty package. We take what we have learned and experienced in life, try to apply it to our next chapter, and make lemonade out of lemons! The reward is typically sweeter than we ever imagined.

With that said, there have been many things weighing heavy on my heart. Connections with certain people have been exposed for what they may have always been or what they were never supposed to be. Life is strange that way, you meet people and when shit hits the fan you wonder what role they were meant to play. Should I stay or should I go? Is this serving me? Does this person have my best interest in mind? Asking all these questions can reveal many truths about a given situation. All in all, if the circumstances you face force you to re-evaluate yourself and want to be better it is a win. Some people come into our lives for a season, to show us some shit or to stay while you figure it out together. Growing pains are healthy, they are to prepare you for transition. Whether the outcome is in your favor or not.

When you have worked towards something with someone, it is hard not to let emotions get the best of you when the real test has shown up. Whatever that test may be! All you can do is be honest and true to yourself. Stand for what you believe in and keep a clear conscious by doing right by those you encounter no matter what their purpose may have been. Sometimes a given individual does not come equipped with all you desire. No one is perfect. Do you fight for it? Or leave it where it no longer serves you? Is there beauty in the madness…always. Missing something you once had is not always bad. Growing pains will come and they will go. Just remember the only way up is to grow. Everything will work out just fine, what is meant for you will always find you.

Trusting the process has never been my strong suit, learning to let go is liberating. Life is a lot right now, but I got this! God got me and he has you too!

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