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Vibes All Night and Just Right!

Vibes All Night and Just Right!

You ever meet someone that just nurtures your soul? I am not just talking about the dick. I mean from head to toe, inside and out. Personality and all. Not only do they do you right, but everything about them is an entire vibe. Every time you see them it is just right, and right on time! Let me elaborate!

So one day I met this guy online. We all know how that usually goes. Sometimes we have a winner and sometimes it is just a waste of time. Meeting someone online is also kind of scary. With all the social media and dating apps, etc. It seems it would less unconventional, but people are crazy. You just never know! Y’all know I typically like an older man. I saw he was 33years-old, so I am already down for the cause. We start talking and exchange numbers, conversation was perfect. I was shocked things were going so well. The chemistry was crazy! Now before you jump to any conclusion, I did not hop on the dick immediately. We talked for some weeks and then I went to hop on the dick. Moving on!

Fast forward to the day I met him, it was an anxious ride and I was actually very excited. GPS had me way in the hills and my climb was steep, I just knew I was getting murdered! The scenery was beautiful, and the city lights were all the vibes. When I arrived he was very polite, a gentleman and was definitely no catfish! Was as beautiful as he was online, me and my vagina were happy.

We talked, he fed my hungry ass, it was great! Things were already moving in the right direction! He had a candle lit, so I was like okay he might be legit. So far had set the proper tone for the night and I was here for it. When we got to the bed and started touching each other after weeks of anticipation, I was so wet I could have flooded the place! He tells me “you can text your friends and tell them you are safe. Let them know you are alive, and I am not a murderer”. He already knew the vibes. I was loving it! But what I loved more was his friend when he pulled it out. His dick was beautiful, big and I knew he was a nasty one.

I was ready, no foreplay necessary at this point the weeks leading up to the “big show” already had my shit throbbing. He was kissing me and even that was bomb. I was thinking, what did I get myself into. This is too good to be true! He inserted all that beauty and was deep. He was big like I said, so he was hitting every spot just right. Hitting it over and over again. Round 1, 2, 3, 4 and I still wanted more. Do not worry we spaced it out! Geez, have some faith in me! I came so many times and was high off of the feeling. He exceeded my expectations and even created some new one’s shit!

He was too legit to quit! This was a business deal in my mind. I was thinking can he pencil me in again for an appointment. I can come every two weeks! If it is up to me! He played no games; he did the damn thang. He had me moaning and feeling every inch of him every round and I was NOT complaining.

The city lights and a good smoke session afterwards to relax after a glorious climax, was everything I needed. I definitely got too high, so I stayed the night. We got it in the next morning. He even you’re your girl breakfast and y’all know I love to eat! Not only did he please me and feed me. My entire soul was complete. He was so positive, and his smile could light up the world.

He was goofy but still mature and was everything I expected and more. So of course I had to go back for more and y’all know I did! He showed me that meeting people online is sometimes worth the risk. Had I been acting scary I would have missed out on some life changing dick! LOL. I am crazy as hell, but hey you only live once. We deserve to have our backs blown out a time or two. Just make sure to keep positive vibes around you. We do not settle for half ass dick around here Snackers!

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